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We are a grass roots organization dedicated to identifying and actively supporting candidates who will serve the residents of Naperville. We are dedicated to actively working to replace incumbent politicians who have demonstrated that they do not deserve to be re-elected.

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5th Avenue proposal: Is a competitive process or an appraisal the best way to move forward? The City itself provides the answer.


Is a competitive process or appraisal the best way to determine what the City receives for its land? The City itself just provided the answer.

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5th Avenue: The Survey Says....


The survey of residents is pretty clear what the taxpayers of Naperville prefer on their taxpayer-owned land. Will the people we elected to City Council to represent us listen?

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Mayor Chirico will recuse himself from a vote which stands to benefit him personally. So no conflict, right?


Mayor Chirico is asking City staff, a commission, and City Council for zoning variances on a project which will presumably benefit him personally. But he's going to recuse himself from the vote.

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