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We are a grass roots organization dedicated to identifying and actively supporting candidates who will serve the residents of Naperville. We are dedicated to actively working to replace incumbent politicians who have demonstrated that they do not deserve to be re-elected.

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Naperville Sales Tax set to expire January 1, 2018: Let’s make it permanent. Let’s increase it 50%, maybe double it. Then we'll look at expenses.


The City of Naperville sales tax is set to expire January 1, 2018. Not only is it apparently not going away, it looks as if an increase of 50%, maybe even doubling it, is on the way. Expenses will be looked at later though, after the tax increase. There just isn't time to look at expense reductions now.

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Proposed 5th Avenue development: The cart, the horse, what comes first?


The City is proposing to approve a developer for taxpayer-owned land by 5th Avenue, and then define the 'vision' and project. Isn't that backwards? Wouldn't it make more sense to define the vision, then have a competition among developers for the best economic terms for our land? Oh, that's right. The developer is connected.

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5th Avenue development: Let's pick the developer with the guy on NDP


City Council receives no information regarding a proposed developer or development for the 5th Avenue project, but is asked to approve the work of a closed-door committee which had four people who are on the NDP board or Executive Committee with the local representative of the developer they chose..

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