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We are a grass roots organization dedicated to identifying and actively supporting candidates who will serve the residents of Naperville. We are dedicated to actively working to replace incumbent politicians who have demonstrated that they do not deserve to be re-elected.

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Avenida Development Proposal: Will the current residents be heard?


Proposed Avenida development is seeking annexation and significant variances on density and parking, which many nearby residents oppose. Will their concerns be heard by Naperville's pro-business government?

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Naperville: Where a developer can request the result of the vote before it's taken, and the Mayor is "fine with that."


A developer asks to know the result of a City Council vote before it's taken, "to see which way it's going to go,"which is "fine" with the Mayor.

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Nichols Library: Just follow the "spirit" of the covenant on 'The Path to Yes'


A proposal to develop the Nichols Library site ignores the deed covenants put in place by the City of Naperville, but respects the "spirit" of the covenants.

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